Dr Louis Niessen

Deputy Chair GENI Board
Professor and Chair of Health Economics,
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Warwick University, United Kingdom

Professor Niessen joined the Liverpool School and the University of Warwick in October 2013, with the mission to lead and develop international health economics research and teaching in relation to infectious and chronic diseases, from early-stage development of new technologies to the full-scale delivery of intervention packages within national health systems. He recently held the role of Associate Professor Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA; Professor at CEDAR, UK and Head Centre Chronic Diseases, ICDDR,B, Bangladesh. Earlier, he worked for a decade in health economics and public health at Erasmus University Rotterdam as a senior scientist and ten years in district health programmes in Nepal, Peru, and Tanzania.

Louis has experience leading quantitative and qualitative research on efficiency and equity in population health through complex intervention trials, data-driven disease modelling, preference surveys. His research and professional interests include:

• Health policy for population health: priority setting, allocative efficiency, reimbursement, evidence-based practice guidelines, public health impact.

• Data-driven integrated modelling of population health: lifetime health and cost of interventions; health risks, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, chest disease, breast cancer, malaria, pneumonia; impact research in health and reproduction.

• Real-life cluster-trials on (system) interventions in chronic and other diseases, with model-based extrapolations and standardisation.

Contact: lniessen@liverpool.ac

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