Director, International Health and Epidemiology

A/Prof Priscilla Robinson PhD (Epidemiology)

PhD Epidemiology (Melbourne University),   MPH (Monash University) , MHSc (Public Health Practice) (La Trobe University)

A/Prof Robinson was appointed Director, International Health and Epidemiology, GENI during March 2016. She has a PhD in Epidemiology and an international reputation in Epidemiology and Public Health, with extensive experience working in Australia, England, Nepal and Kenya. This involves communicable disease control and public health emergency management and recovery, especially in remote areas of Australia and developing countries.   She has 18 years experience working across the UK in disease surveillance and epidemiology and another 7 years for the Victorian Government, Australia managing State-wide surveillance of communicable diseases. She currently works on public health in developing counties, the standardisation of international public health core competencies, and the role of the arts in public health. She has worked as a Senior Lecturer, La Trobe University since 2002 and has over 40 publications.

She is an editor for the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health and also for the Australian Epidemiologist. Priscilla is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Peace and Security. She is Board member, South Gippsland Health Service, Victoria and also CONCERN Australia, a faith-based NGO. She teaches and publishes extensively in public health, epidemiology, and health services administration. Priscilla’s expertise in epidemiology and surveillance will greatly facilitate the work of GENI, providing synergy with the skill sets of other members of the GENI team.


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