A/Prof Priscilla Robinson – publications

Peer-reviewed publications 2011-2016

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Major reports: 2008-2016

  1. McMichael C, Robinson P, Manandhar S. Sustained hygiene behaviour change in Kotgaun VDC, Nepal: an evaluative research report. (Australian Red Cross, 2015)(Available at http://www.cswashfund.org/shared-resources/references/sustained-hygiene-behaviour-change-evaluative-research-report-nepal)
  2. Robinson P, Genet B, Smith P. Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services Consolidated Health Promotion Programme Evaluation Report. (Available through the Lowitja Institute at http://www.lowitja.org.au/sites/default/files/docs/nchs-evaluation-report-2013.pdf.)
  3. Fenner, P., Rumbold, B., Rumbold, J., Robinson, P. and Harpur, S. (2012) Is there compelling evidence for using the arts in health care? AHHA Health Policy research institute Evidence Brief.
  4. Beeton, S., Derham, J., Lade, C. and Robinson, P. (2012) The Impact on tourism of the Risks (Real and Perceived) of Mosquito Borne Diseases along the Murray River Region. Tourism and Hospitality Research Unit, La Trobe University, Australia. Report for Tourism Victoria, who also funded the project.
  5. Genet B, Robinson P, Smith P. (2013) Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services: health promotion evaluation.. Published on the Lowitja Institute website at: http://www.lowitja.org.au/nchs-evaluation#sthash.HJAqT4TF.dpuf