Angeline Kuek – Publications

List of publications

Wade T, Vall E, Kuek A, Altman E, Long R and Mannion J. (in press). Development of a new statewide eating disorder service: the role of evidence in a real world setting. International Journal of Eating Disorders.

Ng KW, Kuek A and Lee HY. (in press). Eating psychopathology and psychosocial impairment in patients treated at a Singapore eating disorders treatment programme. Singapore Medical Journal.

Tan T, Kuek A, Goh SE, Lee EL and Kwok V. (2016). Internet and smartphone application usage in eating disorders: A descriptive study in Singapore. Asian Journal of Psychiatry 19: 50-55.

Kuek A, Burgess T and Elliot J. South Australian Population Health Conference, 2015. (Presentation on the Attitudes of Singaporean and Malaysian university students towards mental illness and seeking help for mental health issues).

Kuek A, Utpala R and Lee HY. (2015). The clinical profile of patients with Anorexia Nervosa in Singapore: A follow-up descriptive study. Singapore Medical Journal 56: 324-328.

Tan SM, Lim PMS, Kuek A, Lee EL and Boon ESK. (2014). Men do get it: Eating Disorders in Males from an Asian Perspective, ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry 15: 72-82.