Dr Meng Qingyue

Professor in Health Economics

Executive Director, Peking University China Center for Health Development Studies

Director, Key Lab for Health Economics and Policy Studies, China’s Ministry of Health

Professor Meng is a member of the Advisory Committee of Health Policy and Management for Ministry of Health, a member of the Advisory Committee of Tuberculosis Control for Ministry of Health, a Council Member of Federation for International Cooperation of Health Services and Systems Research Centres (FICOSSER), a member of the Executive Committee of WHO Health Policy and System Research Alliance, and a member of the Committee of Socio-economic Behaviours Studies of WHO, and a member of the Advisory Committee of International Health Policy Research Network.

Professor Meng obtained MD from Shandong University (1986); MSc from Fudan University (1989); M.A. from School of Economics of University of the Philippines (1995); and PhD from Karolinska Institute in Sweden (2006).

His research interests include health financing and cost-effectiveness analysis of public health programs. Over the past decade, he has led a team conducting dozens of research projects supported by WHO, the World Bank, DFID, and Chinese government. He has published more than 300 peer reviewed papers in international and Chinese journals. He provides a number of consultancy services focusing on health policy and systems for Chinese national and local governments, the World Bank, and DFID-funded projects. In recent years, he focuses his work on rural public health care system in poverty areas, developing policy recommendations for an equitable health care system for the vulnerable populations to national and local governments.

Contact: qmeng@bjmu.edu.cn

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