Dr Kathryn Antioch – National and International Presentations

  1. September 2017 ‘Effectively   leading   waves  of  change in America,  Europe,  Asia Pacific  and Africa: Using  health economics, epidemiology, planning and regulation reform’ Workshop for ACHSM/ACHS 2017 Asia-Pacific Congress workshop (Antioch KM Kerr R Robertson P and Kerr W)
  2. July 2017  Annual Health Insurance Summit, Sydney  ‘Australian COAG national health reforms 2017-2020 Implications for the private sector. (Antioch KM Invited presentation)
  3. July 2017 IHEA World Congress Boston USA Organised Session: ‘Global Priorities for Clinical Practice Guidelines and Health Policy: Implications of Economic Evidence, Big Data and Personalised Medicine’  (Session participants Antioch KM, Niessen L, Asche C and Lewis M)
  4. November and October 2016, Activity Based Funding Reform Toolkit 2016: A Practical Approach to Improving Health Service and Hospital Performance in an Environment of Fiscal Constraint (Addressing 2016 COAG  Health Reforms) Two day workshop: Participants from  NSW, Victoria,  WA,  ACT,  NT. Workshops conducted in WA and NSW (Antioch, KM –  Invited speaker following involvement in two 2016 Senate Inquires on 2016 COAG Health Reforms and Public Hospital Funding).
  5. October 2016 “Workshop: Balancing Innovation and Risk: Using Economics, Evidence Based Planning, Communication and Advocacy in Health Policy and Health Services Delivery“. Joint ACHSM/ACHS Asia-Pacific Congress, 26-28 October, 2016, Brisbane, Australia (Antioch, KM,  Kerr, R. Atanasova B)
  6. November 2016 NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation Melbourne. Oral presentation:  “Personalised Medicine, Genetics, Economics: Cystic Fibrosis Lessons for Quality, Guidelines and Policy Reforms:” Poster at October 2016 Joint ACHSM/ACHS Asia-Pacific Congress, October, 2016, Brisbane (paper by Antioch KM, Wilson J, Bristow Z, et al.)
  7. October 2015 ACHSM/ACHS Asia Pacific Congress 28-30 October 2015 “Effective Stakeholder Engagement on Health Issues: Powerful Impacts Q & A” (Panel participants Antioch KM, Rasa J,  Reid M et al.)
  8. July 2015 International Health Economists Association (IHEA) World Congress Italy ‘Systematic review of the Cost Effectiveness Evidence for interventions for Type 2 Diabetes: International Lessons for Clinical Guidelines’ in Organised Session: Global Priorities for Economic Evidence in Clinical Practice Guidelines. (Session Participants: Antioch KM, Drummond, M Niessen, L, Coyte P and Asche C). Also presented at Annual Symposium, NHMRC and ACHSM/ACHS Asia Pacific Congress, 2015. (Paper by Antioch, KM  Dugdale, P Topliss, D, Sinott H, Bristow Z et al)
  9. November 2014 Panelist for 3rd Annual Health Technology Assessment Conference: Panel ‘Promoting effective clinician and stakeholder engagement’ Sydney (Invited speaker) Antioch KM
  10. May 2014 Invited participation and presentation – Panelist for ACHSM Breakfast Forum – Live Televised Debate on the Victorian Health Budget 2014-15 (Panel involved 4 members)  Panelists: Antioch KM,  Wallace L  et al.
  11. July 2013 International Health Economists Association (IHEA) World Congress presentation ‘Economic Guidelines for Clinical Guidelines: Lessons for Australian Parliament, Governments and Health Services’. Sydney Australia. In Organized session on “Economic Guidelines for Clinical Guidelines (Session Participants Antioch, KM, Drummond, M Neissen, L Peacock S and Vonderling H)
  12. October 2011 Australian Financial Review Annual Health Congress, Sydney. Panel member on Council of Australian Government (COAG), national health reforms through new Health Reform Agreements and international reforms. (Invited speaker) Antioch KM
  13. July 2011. International Health Economists Association (IHEA) Congress, presenting “Integrating Economic Evidence, Guidelines and Risk Adjustment into Australian National Health Agreements:2008 & 2010” Toronto, Canada. Organized Session Implementing Economic Evidence through CPGs: International Experience (Session Participants Antioch KM,  Drummond, M, Niessen, L and Lewis, M)
  14. August 2010, ‘Advantages of the National Health and Hospitals Network Agreements (NHHA) 2010: Building on Victoria’s success. Presentation at the National Hospital Reform Summit 16 and 17 August Melbourne. (Invited speaker) Antioch K
  15. December 2009 ‘Performance and Funding Reforms using Risk Adjustment and Evidence Based Medicine for 2009 National Health Care Agreements (NHAs): Submissions to Australian governments, COAG, Productivity Commission and Reform Commission’. Hospital Performance Measurement National Summit 10-11 December 2009 Sydney. (invited speaker) Antioch KM
  16. July 2009 Guidelines & Economists Network International (GENI) Satellite Session & Organised Sessions. Presented papers on COAG reforms, Global Financial Crisis and GENI’s Master plan. IHEA Conference: China (Session Participants: Antioch KM Niessen, L, Scott G, Lewis M (World Bank), Tam Torres, T (WHO), Richardson J)
  17. April 2008 Chronic Disease Management Australia (2008) Conference, Sydney, Panel member (Invited speaker) Antioch KM
  18. November 2007 Counter-Terrorism Summit (Australia) Financial Review Conference. Bioterrorism Preparedness: Biological, Radiological and Chemical. An International Approach. Reported in Australian and International news media. (invited speaker) Antioch KM
  19. July 2007 IHEA Conference Denmark: Organised session on Integrating Economic Evidence into Clinical Practice Guidelines and Practice and Satellite Session on Guidelines and Economists Network International (GENI). (Session Participants Antioch KM, Drummond M, Rutten, F Niessen L et al)
  20. May 2007 International Actuarial Conference: Health, South Africa. Guest speaker. Risk Adjustment Reform (Invited speaker ) Antioch KM
  21. July 2006 Workshop for European Health Economists Association Conference, Hungary: Lessons on Integrating Economic and Clinical Evidence into Clinical Practice. (Invited speaker ) Antioch KM
  22. October 2005 Cochrane International Colloquium, Melbourne: Workshop on Integrating Economic Evidence into Clinical Practice Guidelines (Participants: Antioch, KM and Drummond, M York and NICE UK). requested by NHMRC (invited speakers).
  23. July, 2005 Barcelona Spain. International Health Economists Association Conference (IHEA): 5th World Congress. Presenter in competitively selected Organised Session: Integrating Economic Evidence into Clinical Practice Guidelines in the UK, The Netherlands, Australia and USA. (Session Participants Antioch KM, Drummond, M; Rutten, F, Neissen, L)
  24. July, 2005 Barcelona Spain. IHEA: 5th World Congress. Organiser and Presenter in competitively selected Organised Session: ‘International Uses of Risk Adjustment to Improve Health Care Financing Systems.’ (Antioch KM,  Ellis R et al)
  25. Chair, Fourth Annual Health Insurance Summit 6-7 June, 2005 (Chair 7th June). Sydney, Australia (Invited speaker) Antioch KM
  26. September, 2004 UK European Health Economists Association Conference: London School of Economics. Chair & presenter Pre-conference session – Integrating cost effectiveness evidence into CPGs in UK, Netherlands and Australia. (Session Participants Antioch KM, Drumnond, M; Rutten, F)
  27. November, 2003: Australian and NZ Health Services Research Conference: Invited to present 3 hour workshop on ‘Risk Adjustment in Health Financing: Ensuring Equity’ (Melbourne). Workshop co-sponsored by Australian Federal and Victorian State governments. (Invited speakers) (Antioch KM Randall Ellis, USA)
  28. November, 2003: 3 hour national workshop Sponsored by Federal Department of Health and Aging. Invited to present on ‘Risk Adjustment in Health Financing: Ensuring Equity’. (Canberra) (Invited speakers) (Antioch KM, Randall Ellis, USA)
  29. October, 2003: Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme: Sustaining and improving Australia’s access to quality medicines: Invited plenary presentation on: “Ensuring Cost Effective Drug Usage: Australia’s PBS and Clinical Practice Guidelines”. (Invited speaker) Antioch KM
  30. June 2003: IHEA Conference, San Francisco, USA 3 hours workshop on “Risk Adjustment in Health Financing”. Antioch KM
  31. February 2003:Financial Review Annual Congress: Australia’s Leading Industry Event. Invited plenary presentation on ‘Risk Adjustment in Health Financing: The Key to Successful Provider Negotiations with Australian Governments’. (Invited speaker) Antioch KM
  32. February 2003: Financial Review Annual Congress: Australia’s Leading Industry Event. Panelist Health Care Roundtable. (Invited speaker) Antioch KM
  33. June, 2002 France – European Health Economists Association Congress: Risk Adjustment in Health Financing Antioch KM
  34. June 2001: International Health Economics Association Conference, England, UK University of York. Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery for the organized session on ‘Integrating cost effectiveness evidence into Clinical Practice Guidelines’ (Session Participants Antioch KM, Drummond M, Rutten F et al)
  35. June 1999: International Health Economics Association Conference, Erasmus University the Netherlands. (Invited chair) Antioch KM
  36. 1997 ‘Pathways to Cost-effective Detection, Prevention and Treatment of Prostate Cancer in Australia: Achieving Goals for Australia’s Health to 2000‘ Presentation at Australian Health Economists Society Conference Antioch KM et al
  37. 1996   ‘Pathways to Improved Detection and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer: Achieving Goals for Australia’s Health to 2000 and Beyond’ Presentation at Australian Health Economists Society Conference
  38. 1995   ‘Paving the Way for Cost-effective Reduction of High Cholesterol: Achieving Goals for Australia’s Health in 2000 and beyond ‘ Presentation at Australian Health Economists Society Conference’  Antioch KM et al
  39. 1995: Invited Plenary presentation – International Conference on Economic Evaluation in Australian Health Care (Invited speaker)  Antioch KM